El bicarbonato es un ingrediente común en las pastas de dientes por su efectividad para blanquear los dientes, ademas de estimular la remineralizacion del diente, remover el sarro y alcalinizar la saliva, matando bacterias en la boca y promoviendo una impecable higiene bucal.



The most common addition to the above 'mandatory' equipment, pods are plastic containers, usually with flip-open lids, that store paintballs in a ready-to-use manner. Pods are available in many sizes, including 10, 80, 100 and 140-round sizes, with the larger 140-round pods being most common among tournament players. Pods are carried by the player in pod packs or harnesses which facilitate easy access to the pods during play. There are several designs of pod packs, from belt loops allowing a recreational player to carry one or two extra pods, to harness designs generally designed for either tournament-style or scenario-style players.